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You don’t need to learn about engineering to survey patent landscapes in other countries and determine how they do or do not comply with the mandates of treaty obligations. Even in terms of patent litigation, you don’t need a science background. Take, for example, Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics , a case that centered around the patent eligibility of the BRCA1/2 gene, a gene associated with breast cancer risk. The case ultimately went up to SCOTUS, which unanimously found that a segment of DNA is a product of nature and not patent eligible. The ACLU, which served as lead counsel, had a scientist on board to talk through the technical points, but the litigation was done by Chris Hansen and Sandra Park, who are not patent lawyers.  I served as lead counsel for four amicus briefs throughout the course of the litigation, focusing on the purpose of the patent system, why patenting of DNA preempts other uses and future innovations, and alternatives to the patent system; there was no reason for me to get into the details of biology (though, of course, ACLU’s attorneys did). Even when I represented parties in appellate cases, the arguments were more about interpretations of the law, and a relatively basic understanding of the technology itself sufficed. Finally, when I still practiced patent policy, I reviewed technology transfer agreements and licenses which, at the end of the day, are just contracts about specific technology.  Universities will hire attorneys for their technology transfer offices, companies will hire licensing attorneys, and many law firms deal with these issues. Although I do suggest doing internships and clinics and taking classes in areas you’re interested in practicing, I never took patents, even though my very first job in the intellectual property space was patent policy oriented. I ended up falling into the job because of my interest in access to medicines, which is heavily intertwined with patent policies because the monopolies granted on patented medicines allow companies to price life-saving drugs out of range for those in developing countries, as well as many in the United States. Early on, I wished I had taken patent law during law school, but over time you pick it up, just as you would for any other topic.

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