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You could basically take your entire safe's worth of accounts, combine them into one file, and encrypt them with a private key on the blockchain. The next step is ensuring that your loved ones or legacies have the ability to access them after your passing. Planning for this during the estate process is dire--distributing shares of a "private key" among those designated in the legal document or administrator, could help ensure your loved ones receive your digital assets, pursuant to your wishes. "As a father, my biggest question is, if something happened to me tomorrow, how could I ensure that my wife and children have access to my funds?" said SafeHaven co-founder, Logino Dujardin. SafeHaven was designed to address this very question. SafeHaven's SHA Token, is designed to encrypt an individual's assets on the blockchain, separating the keys or "shares" among those named in the will/legal document. Crypto-exchanges are no stranger to data breaches and hacking attempts, as we have recently seen the breach of Coincheck , Mt. Gox , DAO , and Bitfinex , the past few months. When it comes to ensuring that funds and assets are secure, yet transparent, the best strategy is to divide and conquer. Splitting up shares or portions of a key among heirs, beneficiaries, or legacies, is the best way to ensure funds remain protected on the blockchain. For example, when it comes to the secret recipe for Coca-Cola, rumor has it there are only two people who know the actual formula, and as such, are never allowed to be near each other. Same logic.

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